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Wireless AC1750 Dual-band Gigabit Router
To apply the DHCP server settings to all PCs on your LAN, you
must set all PCs to "Obtain an IP address automatically" and
"Obtain DNS server address automatically" respectively.
4.4 DHCP Clients
This section displays a DHCP dynamic client list, which includes
host name, IP address, MAC address and lease time info.
Host name: Displays clients' host names.
IP Address: Displays IP address(s) that client(s) obtained
from the DHCP server.
MAC Address: Displays MAC address of a given host.
Lease Time: Remaining time for a corresponding IP address
4.5 Static Assignment
The DHCP server provides DHCP static IP address reservation
feature. If you would like some devices on your network to
always have fixed IP addresses, you can use this feature and
manually add a static DHCP assignment entry for each such
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Wireless AC1750 Dual-band Gigabit Router
For example: If you want a PC at the MAC address of
00:15:58:C0:D4:3F (on your internal network) to always receive
the IP address of from the device's DHCP server.
First, enter the IP address and MAC address in corresponding
fields as seen below. Second, click Add and Save to save your
IP Address: Enter the IP address for static DHCP
MAC Address: Enter the MAC address of a computer to
always receive the same IP address you specify.
Add: Click it to add a new IP-MAC static assignment entry to
Edit: Click it to change an existing entry.
Delete: Click to remove an existing entry.
4.6 MAC Clone
This section allows you to configure Device’s WAN MAC
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Wireless AC1750 Dual-band Gigabit Router
WAN MAC Address: Config Device’s WAN MAC address.
Restore to Factory Default MAC:
Reset Device’s WAN MAC
to factory default.
Clone MAC: Click to copy your PC's MAC address to the
WAN MAC Address field on the Device.
1. Normally you don't need to change the default WAN MAC
value. However, some ISP may bind client PC’s MAC address
Internet connection authentication. In this case, simply enter
such MAC in the WAN MAC Address field or click the “Clone
MAC” button. Note that the WAN MAC address in "Status"
interface will be updated accordingly once you changed it.
2. Do remember to reboot the router to activate the new WAN
MAC. DO NOT use the “Clone MAC” feature unless required by
your ISP.
3. Only the MAC addresses of the PCs on LAN can be cloned to
the Device.
4.7 Port Mode
This page lets you set speed and duplex mode for device's WAN
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Wireless AC1750 Dual-band Gigabit Router
It is advisable to keep the default settings.
Auto: Keep the default of Auto, unless the cable to the WAN
port is excessively long, which may deduce drive capability.
10M full-duplex: Select to set WAN port to 10M full-duplex to
enhance the driving ability.
10M half-duplex: Select to set WAN port to 10M half-duplex.
If your WAN port is properly connected but does not function
correctly, it may be caused by poor driving capacity of the
cable. Please set the WAN port to 10M half-duplex to
improve drive capability.
100M full-duplex: Select to set WAN port to 100M
100M half-duplex: Select to set WAN port to 100M
1000M full-duplex: Select to set WAN port to 1000M
1000M half-duplex: Select to set WAN port to 1000M
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Wireless AC1750 Dual-band Gigabit Router
The "Security" tab includes 6 submenus: IP Group, Time Group,
Client Filter, URL Filter ,MAC Filter and Remote Web
Management. Clicking any of them enters corresponding
interface for configuration. Below explains, in details, each such
5.1 IP Group
Here you can set up a IP group and define a name for it or briefly
describe it. An IP group determines which IP address or IP
addresses specific rules of other related features are to be
enabled on.


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