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Updated: 7th April 2021 is a default login IP for routers belonging to many companies including Arris, Thomson & ZTE. For full list of companies and respective models see below at this page. Login into router is required to change settings like Mac address, bandwidth allocation, and firmware update setting parental controls among other reasons.

List of Possible Username & Password

After extensive analysis, we have come to conclusion that these below presented router manufacturers are using as router login IP. There is a big chance your router company too, is listed amongst them. Just click the company name to view router models, router setup & configuration manuals and more.

Router Username Password
2WIRE (none) Wireless
ACTIONTEC (none) (none)
admin (none)
admin password
AMBIT root (none)
root root
user user - (admin:cableroot)
Billion (none) (none)
admin admin
Cisco (blank) (blank)
(none) cisco
(none) public/private/secret
(none) _Cisco
admin admin
D-Link (none) admin
(none) private
(none) public
admin (none)
admin admin
HUAWEI admin admin
TMAR#HWMT8007079 (none)
user user
KYOCERA admin (blank)
admin admin
root root
Linksys (none) admin
admin (none)
admin admin
Administrator admin
comcast 1234
MOTOROLA (blank) (blank)
admin motorola
cablecom router
n/a (none)
router router
MSI admin admin
unknown unknown
NETGEAR (none) 1234
(none) private
admin (none)
admin 1234
admin admin
NETOPIA (none) (none)
admin (none)
admin noway
n/a (none)
netopia netopia
PLANET (none) default
admin 1234
admin admin
admin epicrouter
Sitecom (none) sitecom
admin admin
SKY admin sky
SMC (none) smcadmin
admin (none)
admin admin
admin barricade
admin smcadmin
SNAPGEAR 1.79 + Multi
TECHNICOLOR (leave blank) (leave blank)
TENDA admin admin
TP-Link admin admin
admin ttnet
root admin
TRENDnet admin (blank)
admin admin
UBEE user user
VIRGIN MEDIA admin changeme
VODAFONE root 123456
ZONET guest guest
ZOOM admin zoomadsl
ZTE admin admin

Login into Your Router

Log into your router right now by completing 2 steps below.

Step No. 1

To log into your router is pretty straight forward procedure. Just copy and paste (without http://) into your browser address bar and press Enter. Two things can happen as you hit Enter key; a login screen may appear asking for login details - in this case just proceed to Step No. 2.

Otherwise you may see an error page or may not see any page at all. This simply means the IP you entered (i.e. is not correct login IP for your router. You need to try other popular IPs like,, etc. See full list of possible IPs router of your company can have; fortunately we have compiled possible IPs for as many as 750+ modem companies. Just select your router company/model to see possible login details.

Easy Way to Find Correct Router Login IP

In addition to above mentioned ways there is another simple way to know your current router IP.

Find Current Router IP in Windows

Regardless of your router's manufacturer or model, there is a surefire way to find its IP address, even if it isn't operating on the default settings. If you're running Windows 10, you can enter "cmd" in the search field and click the top result to access the Command Prompt. Then, in the resulting window, type "ipconfig" to bring up a page with information on your network's connection.

windows step

The field marked "Default Gateway" shows the IP address of whatever router you're connected to at the time. For almost all routers, you can enter this IP address in your browser's URL bar to open the admin panel.

Find Current Router IP in MAC

  1. Click the Apple icon then select the System Preferences… option.
    mac step 1
  2. Click the Network icon under Internet & Wireless.
    mac step 2.1
    The Mac® computer's IP Address, Subnet Mask and the router's IP Address will then be displayed in the Network window.
    mac step 2.2

Quick Tip: If you are using a wireless computer and experiencing issues checking the local IP Address, you can temporarily turn OFF the wireless capability of your computer and connect it to the router using an Ethernet cable to make sure the wired connection is working fine.

Note: Only the Mac desktop and Macbook Pro® have Ethernet ports that can be used for hardwired connection to the router.

Step No. 2

Once you have correct login IP then open a browser window and go to address bar and paste your IP there. Hit Enter key. As you Hit Enter a login screen will appear asking for Username & Password. Now if you haven't changed your password ever in past then it means you have default factory credentials, which you can easily see from sticker placed at bottom or side of your modem body.

Or you can visit our grand list of default router login credentials given for several models of 750+ companies. Find your company from the list and just enter them in login screen and you are all set!

But what to do if I Forgot my Router Username & Password

If you had tinkered with login credentials in past and now looking in blue thinking what to do then don't frustrate! There is quick option to fix it.

Now if you remember, there is a small hole (1-2 mm) at side of router. This is reset button hole. Just take a paper clip, needle or similar thing to insert into it. Press the button inside for at least 5 seconds and release. Now unplug your router and restart.

Doing this you have just reset your router to factory settings. Now you can use factory Username/password from the sticker (placed on your router body) for login.

Similar IPs

Alongside you must also test below IPs.

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