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Updated: 9th April 2021

192.168.l.l is a mistakenly typed ( is correct IP) default router login IP for many popular router company models. Many modems use login IP addresses like,, or any other variant of it but among them the most popular default gateway IP is (and also most often typed erroneously as 192.168.l.l).

Get Correct IP, Username & Password For Your Router!

Quick Router Login Procedure

Weather you don't know your router login IP or have forgotten router Username & Password - don't worry a bit; just relax and follow given below quick and hassle free login procedure right away!

Step No. 1

You want to log into router for changing Wi-Fi password, adding some MAC addresses, for bandwidth allocation or for some other purpose but now don't know how to do it. Take a deep breath and understand that three things are required here; correct login IP, Username & Password.

If you know all three credentials then you can skip everything written in this Step No. 1 and go directly to Step No. 2 (below). However, if you don't know all or any of these, then read below.

Here is How to Find Correct Router Login IP

It may be so that you were entering wrong router IP for login. For example, some people instead of typing, type 192.168.l.l (192.168.ll) and end up facing an error screen.

However, it may not be always due to typo error; you may be using mistaken IP altogether. There are many ways to quickly find right login IP for your modem. One way is to look from our list of login IPs for 2150+ router models (belonging to 750+ router companies). However, if you don't have patience to do that then follow below methods.

Note: Sometime people change their router IPs for security reasons and later forget it. If you are one of them, then our default router IP list will definitely help you since we are serving default (factory set) list. In that case only way to choose your respective device and operating system from below given guides and follow instructions.

  1. Find Router IP in macOS
  2. Find Router IP in Windows
  3. Find Router IP in iPhone/iPad
  4. Find Router IP in Android
  5. Find Router IP in Chrome OS

Here is How to Find Router Username ID & Password

Condition No. 1: If you swear you haven't changed the login credentials (username & password) of your router before ever and maintain that these are still the same what factory set it then you are in luck today. Look closely at your modem and you will notice a sticker which may look like below image.

router sticker

Now as you see it has both username and password printed on it (note that the wording may be different for different companies, for example, username as network name & password as wireless key). As you have got both so proceed to Step No. 2 below.

However, in case you cannot physically access your device due to any reason just click on drop-down list below and select company of your model and you will see list many popular default login Username IDs & Passwords for your model, which can be used right away.

Condition No. 2: If you had changed the login credentials of your device in past and now can't remember it then again it's not too difficult to recover. Grab your router device and look for a small pin-hole around its body. It may look like this:

router back

All you have to do is take a pin (paperclip, match stick or something else similar can also be used) and put it into that hole to press the button, inside. Don't worry, it's just for reset. Keep it pressed for at least 15 seconds. Once you are done, restart the router and follow the Condition No. 1 instructions above. This time it will work!

Step No. 2

Once you have both login IP & Username/Password at hand, now just proceed to address bar of your browser and type (as shown below). login screen before

A screen similar to below page will appear, requesting the login credentials, i.e. username/password. Type both and hit enter to successfully log into your router device.

router login screen after

Popular Router Brands Using as Login IP

Most companies' login page can be accessed by typing in browser including those listed below.

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