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Updated: 10th April 2021

You need to log into your router login admin panel but are stuck, as there is no clue what your router username (also called network ID) & password (also caller device key) is; you may had forgotten it or else this may be your first time since you need it and now don't know where to get it.

Congratulation, you are at right place! From most popular router companies like 3Com, Alcatel, HP, ZTE & ZyXEL to little heard Apple, Oracle & Orange - we have desired username & passwords for all!

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My Problem is NO Username & Password is working for me! (Router Reset Procedure)

If none of the Username or Password is working for you then, there is quick method to fix it, within next 2 minutes!

Look for a small peep-hole in your router body. It may look like this:

router back

Actually, there is a small push button hidden inside it. All you need to do is, to use a needle or toothpick (or anything else, thin enough to can go inside), and press that button for about 5-10 seconds. After this, unplug the power and restart.

Now you have just reset your router to default factory settings. Next, see for a small sticker on body of your router device, which may look like this:

router sticker

As you can see, there is default username & password written on this (please keep in mind different router companies refer to username & password by similar other names, like network key, network ID etc., so that may not confuse you).

Enter both these credentials written on that sticker to successfully log-into your router/modem device!

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