Micronet Router Admin Login Procedure

Updated: 8th April 2021

To login into your Micronet router, first of all open the Internet Explorer and type (broadband router's IP address) into the browser address window to access the after login window.

If doesn't works & error appears, then please try these:

Login information request page will pop up as shown below. Key in the username field as "admin" and leave the password field blank.

micronet router login 1

The home page will show up after login in process as shown below.

micronet router login 2

If the above username/password doesn't work then try these most popular combinations that usually work for Micronet Router models.

Router Username Password
MICRONET ACCESS POINT Rev. SP912 root default
MICRONET 3351 / 3354 admin epicrouter
MICRONET SP918GK admin 1234

Still stuck? If you still can't log into your device, then your device needs to be RESET. Once you RESET, use username "admin" & leave the password field blank.

Can't Login? Consult Your Micronet Router Manual

These setup & configuration manuals for Micronet are the solution for all your router related problems. Just click on your model to see (and download in PDF) the setup guides for all popular Micronet models.

Click Below To See Desired Manual

Micronet SP880B View Manual

Changing Password for your Micronet Router

To change password of your Micronet Router you need to click Management Assistant button from Navigation bar. The following sections will appear:

  1. Administration Setup
  2. Email Alert
  3. SNMP
  4. Syslog
  5. Upgrade Firmware

To change the password, click the Administration Setup.

The password screen allows you to assign a password to the Router and enable /disable the remote access mechanism.

micronet router login 3

Enter the desired password, re-enter it in the Verify Password field, then save it. When you connect to the Router with your Browser, you will be prompted for the password as shown below.

micronet router login 4

Enter "Admin" for the User Name. Enter the password for the Router, as set on the Admin Password screen above.

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