Gigabyte Router Admin Login Procedure

Updated: 8th April 2021

If you are going to log-into your Gigabyte router for the very first time after purchase of your device then click here. For usual login procedure please follow below.

Gigabyte Router Usual Login Procedure

Whenever you want to change Router settings, you'll need to access the Gigabyte router's web configuration utility. In the address bar of your browser, type and then press the ENTER key.

gigabyte router login 4

If doesn't works & error appears, then please try these:

When prompted for username/password type: admin for both.

When you login, you will be greeted by the Welcome Screen (as shown). On the left panel are the Advanced Settings, Management Options, and Gigabyte wizards which allow easy access to the configuration settings.

gigabyte router login 5

If the above username/password doesn't work then try these most popular combinations that usually work for Gigabyte Router models.


Above ID/Pass not working against Gigabyte? Try these.

Still stuck? If you still can't log into your device, then your device needs to be RESET. Once you RESET, use username "admin" & password as "admin" and now this time it will work!

Setup Manuals for Gigabyte Router

These setup & configuration manuals for Gigabyte are the solution for all your router related problems. Just click on your model to see (and download in PDF) the setup guides for all popular Gigabyte models.

Click Below To See Desired Manual

Gigabyte GN-BR01G-WB01GS View Manual

Note: For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out of the Configuration Utility after 5 minutes of inactivity.

First Time Configuration of Gigabyte Router

This guide title deals with login and setup configuration of Gigabyte router for when it is being done for the first time. Skip to next title if you want to know the usual login procedure.

  1. Power ON your computer, and then launch the web browser of your choice.
  2. Now if you already connected the router hardware with your computer then Gigabyte should automatically detect your wireless network and open up the web-based configuration screen. web-based configuration screen. If it does not, simply type into the address bar of your web browser.
    gigabyte router 1
  3. When prompted for username/password type: admin for both.
    Types of Broadband Internet connections are automatically detected by Gigabyte.
    Dynamic IP: Address If you use a dynamic IP address, you can directly connect to Internet without having to login. The Router will then automatically restart.
    PPPoE: Most common type of ISP Connection. If you use a PPPoE connection, please enter your ISP user ID and password.
    Static IP: address If you use a static IP address, please enter your WAN IP address, WAN subnet Mask, WAN Gateway, and DNS information provided by your ISP.
  4. When prompted by the dialog box for username and password, key in the default user name: admin and the default password: admin Press OK.
    gigabyte router login 2

The Gigabyte Wireless Router's web browser based configuration screen will prompt you for certain ISP related information. You can contact your ISP service provider for this information at any time. After entering the ISP information, click the Finish button. The Router will save and restart automatically.

gigabyte router login 3

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