AT&T Router Admin Login Procedure

Updated: 8th April 2021

You can check your voice and data plan usage for your current billing cycle by either downloading the free myAT&T™ app to your smartphone or by accessing the admin panel by visiting on your computer.

Accessing AT&T Admin Panel on Smartphone

To download the myAT&T app, visit your device app store (Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Store) or go to from your smartphone. Once downloaded, you will need to log in to manage your account and review usage details. Data and messaging rates may apply.

Default User ID: attadmin

Default Password: attadmin

Accessing AT&T Admin Panel at Computer

If you go to on your computer, you will need to log in to manage your account and review usage details. If you have already registered at above URL then use you login credentials (login credentials like username & password used during account registration) to login into your AT&T account right away.

Default User ID: attadmin

Default Password: attadmin

How to Receive Data Plan Usage Notifications?

If you did not provide an email address for email notifications when you purchased your AT&T Home Base, you can do so at

First go to and input your login details. Once you have logged on to your account, go to Profile and enter a valid email address. You will receive email notifications when you are approaching your data plan limit or if you have exceeded your data plan limit. If you have a limited voice plan, you will also receive notifications as you are approaching your voice plan limit or if you have exceeded your voice plan limit.

You can also use the AT&T Home Base Manager to check your data plan usage and view data usage notifications. On any device that is connected to your AT&T Home Base, enter http://att.homebase directly into your browser address field.

Log in using "attadmin" (or your customized login). To check your data usage and the days remaining in your billing cycle, go to Data Used. To view data usage notifications, go to Messages. The "i" light on your AT&T Home Base will blink green when you have a new notification.

Forgot User ID or Password

If you forgot your User ID or Password then click on the Forgot ID or Forgot Password link to retrieve it.

Can't Login? Consult Your AT&T Router Manual

These setup & configuration manuals for AT&T are the solution for all your router related problems. Just click on your model to see (and download in PDF) the setup guides for all popular AT&T models.

Click Below To See Desired Manual

AT&T Home Base View Manual

First Time Account Setup to See Your Data Plan and Balance Details

If you don't already have a User ID and password and therefore need to setup the account then, select Register as shown below.

att router login 1

Then, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Select Wireless/Wireless Home Phone as the account type and enter the requested information.
  2. If you receive a validation code, enter it. Or, enter the password for the account if requested.
  3. If prompted, indicate whether you are the account owner, meaning your name is on the bill. Or, if you don't own the account, provide the account information to gain access.
  4. Create your User ID and Password.
  5. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Once you have logged on to your account, your voice and data usage will be displayed. If you only have wireless service with AT&T, a summary of your usage will be displayed on the home screen (see below):

att router login 2

If you have multiple services with AT&T, you will need to select Wireless and then the tab with your AT&T Home Base phone number to view usage details.

att router login 3

Changing Login Username in AT&T Router Settings

To change your login Username Move to Advanced >> Administrator tab. This page allows you to change the default login (attadmin) that is used to access the AT&T Home Base Manager.

att router login 4

Current Login: Enter the current login for the AT&T Home Base Manager in this field. The default login is "attadmin".

New Login: Enter the new login, using only letters, numbers, and standard punctuation symbols. The password must be at least four (4) characters long. The maximum length is 32 characters.

Verify New Login: Re-enter the new login in this field, then click "Apply".

Note: Once you change the default login, there is no way to retrieve the new login. You must reset the AT&T Home Base to its factory settings to restore the login to the default login "attadmin". Remove the bottom cover of your AT&T Home Base and using a ballpoint pen, press and hold the RESET button for five (5) seconds.

Common Internet Problems Regarding AT&T Router & their Solution

This quick guide can fix most of AT&T issues you may face.

att router internet problems 5
att router internet problems 6
att router internet problems 7

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