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1.2. Minimum Requirements
The following devices are necessary to configure and use the ADSL2+ Route
A PC with Pre-installed Ethernet Adapter (Required) and a Web-Browser
(Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher)
RJ-45 Ethernet crossover cable (Included in the package)
RJ-11 (ADSL Ready) phone Line
1.3. Package Content
One ADSL2/2+ Router (Annex A or B)
3dBi Antennas x 3
One 12V Power Adapter
One RJ-45 Ethernet Cable (100 cm)
One RJ-11 Telephone Line (180 cm)
One Quick Installation Guide
One CD with Setup Wizard ,Multi-languages QIG and User Manual
Holding Base
To improve wireless signal reception, please arrange the antennas as the picture
shown below (horizontal or vertical installation), and place the wireless access
point in open space. Please keep the distance between antennas, if the antennas
are too close to each other, wireless signal reception will be affected.
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1.4. Hardware Placement
1.4.1. Rear Panel
1) Antenna Connectors
The antenna connector of the router is reverse SMA connector. It allows you
to connecting an external antenna with reverse SMA connector to the router
2) Reset
The Reset button can be used to reset the router or restore to factory defaults.
If problems occur with your router, power it on and press the router’s reset
button with a pencil tip (for less than 3 seconds) and the router will reboot
and , keeping all your current settings.
If problems persisted or you forgot your router’s password, press the reset
button for 5 seconds with power on. The router will reset to the factory
default settings. (
: all your current settings will be lost and
replaced by the factory default settings)
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3) WPS
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is the simplest way to build connection between
wireless network clients and this ADSL router. Press this button on the router
and enable WPS function of the wireless clients, the router and clients will
automatically configure the security key and connect directly. Please note that
the router will wait for WPS requests from wireless clients in 2 minutes after
the WPS button is pressed.
4) Power Jack
Please plug the power adapter attached with the ADSL Router to the power
jack. The power adapter is 12V.
5) Local Area Network (LAN)
The router’s 4 LAN ports are where you connect your LAN’s PCs, printer
servers, hubs and switches etc.
Connect the supplied RJ-11 telephone line to this port and your
ADSL/telephone network.
1.4.2. Front LEDs
On the router’s front panel there are LED lights that inform you of the router’s
current status. Below is an explanation of each LED and its description.
Light Status
PWR (Green)
The router is ready
Wireless LAN is disabled
WLAN (Yellow)
Wireless traffic is transmitting or receiving
WPS function is disabled
WPS (Yellow)
WPS function is enabled
ADSL (Green)
Connected to an ADSL DSLAN successfully
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No connection
The LAN cable is connected to the router
No network connection.
(Port 1-4)
Network traffic transferring or receiving through
the LAN port
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2. Hardware Installation
Step 1. Connect the ADSL Line
Use the supplied RJ-11 telephone cable, connect the router from the ADSL port
to your telephone socket with an ADSL micro filter plugged in.
Step 2. Connect the router to your LAN network
Connect the router to your PC, hub or switch by attached the Ethernet cable to
the LAN port of the router.
Step 3. Connect the Power Adapter to the Router
Connect the power adapter to the power jack on the rear panel of the router and
switch on the power.
Step 4. Check the ADSL LED light status
Please check the ADSL LED on the front panel. This light indicates the status of
your ADSL broadband through your telephone line. If the light is on solid, you can
continue the setup. However, if the light is flashing, there is no broadband line
being detected. Therefore, please call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and
inform them about the flashing ADSL light.
Step 5. Firewall settings.
Please turn off all personal firewall before you continue the setup as they might
block the communication of your PC and the router.
You must use the power adapter shipped along with the router, do
use any other power adapter from other sources.


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