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Optical Network Unit or Terminal
GibFibreSpeed Customer Service Reference Manual
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First Edition
1. Product Overview
1.1 Safety Precautions
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1.2 Packing List
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1.3 Features and Specifications
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1.4 Product Appearance
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1.5 System Requirements
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1.6 Hardware Connection
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2. Configuration Preparation
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2.1 Preliminary Set-up
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2.2 Logging In to the Device
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2.3 WLAN Configuration
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1.1 Safety Precautions
Usage Cautions
Read all the safety cautions carefully before using the device.
Only use the accessories included in the package, such as power supply
adapter and battery.
The power supply voltage must meet the requirements of the device input
voltage (The voltage fluctuation range is less than 10%).
Keep the power plug clean and dry to prevent any risk of electronic shock or
other danger.
Power off and disconnect the device from the electricity if not in used for a lo
long periods.
Do not attempt to open the covers of the device. It is dangerous to do so
when the device is powered ON.
Do not directly stare at the optical interface to prevent the eyes from being
Power off and stop using the device under the following conditions:
abnormal sound, smoke, and strange smell. Contact the service provider for
maintenance if the device is faulty.
The users should read the usage cautions above carefully and will be
responsible for any incident resulted from the violation of the cautions above.
Environment Requirements
Ensure the proper ventilation to the device. Place the device out of the direct
Keep the device ventilated and dry. Never spill any liquid on the device.
Do not place any object on the device, in case it gets deformed and damaged.
Do not place the device near any source of heat or water.
Keep the device away from any household appliances with strong magnetic
or electric fields, such as microwave oven and refrigerator.
Cleaning Requirements
Before the cleaning, power off the device, and unplug all the cables
connected to the device, such as power cable, optical fiber, and Ethernet
Do not use any liquid or spray to clean the device. Use the soft dry cloth.
Environment Protection
Do not dispose the device or battery improperly.
Observe the local regulations about the equipment disposal or treatment.
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1.2 Packing List
After opening the ZXHN F668 packing box, make sure that it contains the following
components, as listed below.
Packing List
1x ZXHN F668
1x Power adapter
1x RJ-45 network cable
1.3 Features and Specifications
Interface Features
The interface features are as follows:
in compliance with the PON standard, SC/APC, and ITU
G.984.1–G.984.5 standards
Ethernet interface:
10/100/1000 Mbps GE interfaces (RJ-45), in compliance
with IEEE
POTS interface:
WLAN interface:
in compliance with the IEEE 802.11n standard with built-in
Technical Features
The ZXHN F668 implements the following functions:
Broadband access: connects to the OLT through the GPON access method.
Ethernet function: provides GE or FE Ethernet interfaces to connect to the
Ethernet devices.
IPTV function: provides IPTV service.
For data access, the ZXHN F668 implements L2 data switching and
By working with relevant network devices through signalling protocols such
as H.248 and SIP, the ZXHN F668 implements the IP voice function.
The ZXHN F668 provides the security, QoS, and network management
functions, such as multi-level authentication based on devices, users, and
It supports data channel encryption, implementation of QoS requirements
matching the local devices and network according to services with different
requirements, and network management based in various management
Product Specifications
The ZXHN F668 specifications are as follows:
Rated current: 1.5 A
Rated voltage: 12 V DC
Operating temperature: –5
to 45
Operating humidity: 5%–95%
Dimensions: 199 mm × 35 mm × 150 mm (Width × Height × Depth)
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1.4 Product Appearance
Front Panel
Figure 1-1 ZXHN F668 Front Panel
Table 1-1 lists LEDs on the front panel.
Table 1-1Front Panel LEDs
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Solid Green
The device is powered on.
The device is powered off.
Solid Green
The device is registered and the link is activated.
The device is not discovered or registered.
The device is attempting to register or set up the connection.
Solid Red
The device has an optical power problem.
The device is receiving optical power.
Solid Red
The device is has discovered a problem.
The device is working normally
The device is downloading or updating the version
Solid Green
The network interface is connected, but no data is being transmitted.
The device is powered off or the interface is not connected to a network device.
The network interface is connected and data is being transmitted.
Solid Green
The device is registered at the Soft Switch but no data is being transmitted.
The device is powered off or failed to register on the Soft Switch.
The device is registered and data is being transmitted.
Solid Green
The Wireless LAN function is enabled.
The device is powered off or the Wireless LAN function is disabled.
Wireless data its being transmitted.
WPS is being established.
WPS is complete.
WPS fails.
Solid Green
USB storage device is connected but not transmitting data.
USB storage device is not connected.
USB Interface is transmitting data.
Solid Green
The battery is connected and in good condition.
The battery is not connected.
The battery is connected but there is an abnormal status.
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Back Panel
Figure 1-2 shows the back panel of the ZXHN F668.
Figure 1-2 Back Panel
Table 1-3 lists the interfaces and buttons on the back panel.
Table 1-3 Interfaces and Buttons on the Back Panel
Side Panel
Figure 1-3 shows the side panel of the ZXHN F668.
Figure 1-3 Side Panel
Table 1-4 lists the interfaces and buttons on the side panel.
Table 1-4 Interfaces and Buttons on the Side Panel
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Interface/Button Description
Red Button
Press this button to power on or off the device.
Power Socket
Connected the 12vDC power supply here.
Optical fibre connects here. (Class 1 Laser Product)
RJ11 Telephone Interface.
RJ-45 LAN interface. Connect a PC or IP STB using RJ-45 network cable.
Backup power monitoring interface. (Battery not supplied with F668)
Interface/Button Description
WLAN button, to enable or disable WLAN function.
WPS switch, to enable or disable Wi-Fi Protection Set-up.
With device powered ON, press this button for 10 seconds will restore the
device to default settings.
USB interface, for connecting a storage device for file sharing, data backup or
data recovery.


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