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Things are better when we’re together (not with Genius Lite)
To display Orcon Genius and the handset as one unit, they need to be attached to
each other. To do this:
Lay the modem and the handset charger face down (on a protective cloth - to
prevent scratches). Slide out the upper and lower connection points on the back
left hand side of the charger. This will expose the USB charger point and location
pins (figure 1).
Leaving the handset charger and Orcon Genius facing down, slide them together
so you can locate the handset USB charger into Orcon Genius as shown below
(you may notice lower slider does not move all the way across – this is normal)
(figure 2).
Now take the large stand that was supplied in the modem box and pass the cables
through in the format below. The example below shows the power cable, the ADSL
phone cable and an Ethernet LAN cable (figure 3).
4. Next align the stand over the top of the handset and Orcon Genius (figure 4).
Make sure all the pins on the stand are sitting inside the holes on the handset and
Orcon Genius and apply a small amount of downward pressure; whilst at the same
time push the stand upward toward the top edge of the modem. You will hear a
small click as the pins interlock (figure 5).
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