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Manually Set ISP
If you cannot find the ISP from the wizard, please follow the procedures below to
set the ISP settings manually.
Before configuring the ISP manually, please check with your ISP (Internet
Service Provider) what kind of the service is provided such as PPPoE, PPPoA or
RFC1483/2684. Gather the information as illustrated in the following table and
keep it for reference.
VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing, Username,
Password (and Service Name).
VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing, Username,
RFC1483 Bridged
VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing to use Bridged
RFC1483 Routed
VPI/VCI, VC-based/LLC-based multiplexing, IP Address,
Subnet Mask, Gateway Address, and Domain Name
System (DNS) IP Address (It is a fixed IP Address).
1. Please select “Other”.
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2. Please check with your ISP the connection type of the ADSL line. Select the
Connection Type and click “Next”.
Note: If you want to select the other country manually, please click
3. Input the VPI, VCI and Encapsulation data supplied by your ISP. If the
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Connection Type is “Static IP Address”, you have to input the IP Address
information supplied by your ISP. To know more about the explanation of
each setting, please refer to Section 5.2 in the manual.
4. Enter the Username and Password which your ISP has provided to you if it is
needed. Click “Next”.
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5. Click “Save” to save the settings and reboot the router.
6. After saving and rebooting the router, the ISP settings are all finished. This
wizard will then help to set your computer to obtain IP Address from the router
Note1: To use the router to get into the Internet, the IP Address of each
PC has to be set in the same network segment as the router. This wizard
will help to set the proper IP Address to your computer.
Note2: By default, the router’s DHCP Server is enabled. If it is disabled
before running the wizard, the wizard will enable the DHCP Server of the
router automatically.
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7. The wizard will try to connect to the ISP you have selected. If the connection
is failed, please run the wizard to select the ISP again.
8. If you can successfully to connect to the ISP, you will see below page. If you
want to configure more settings, please click “Advanced Settings” to get into
the web management of the router or click “Finish” to close the wizard.


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