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2. The following screen will be displayed. Click “Setup Wizard”.
3. This wizard will be executed and try to search for the ADSL Router.
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4. If the router cannot be found, please enter the IP Address and the Password
of the router to search again. Click “Next” to continue.
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5. The wizard will automatically select the country where you are in by checking
the language of the operating system in your computer and skip to the “Select
ISP” page. Please select the ISP.
If you cannot find the ISP, please click “Other” to reselect the country or
manual configure the ISP information.
Automatically Set ISP
If you can find the ISP from the wizard, please follow the procedures below to let
the wizard set the ISP settings automatically.
1. Please select the ISP (Internet Service Provider) of your ADSL service.
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2. Enter the Username and Password which your ISP has provided to you if it is
needed. Click “Next”.
3. Click “Save” to save the settings and reboot the router.
4. After saving and rebooting the router, the ISP settings are all finished. This
wizard will then help to set your computer to obtain IP Address from the router
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Note1: To use the router to get into the Internet, the IP Address of each
PC has to be set in the same network segment as the router. This wizard
will help to set the proper IP Address to your computer.
Note2: By default, the router’s DHCP Server is enabled. If it is disabled
before running the wizard, the wizard will enable the DHCP Server of the
router automatically.
5. The wizard will try to connect to the ISP you have selected. If the connection
is failed, please run the wizard to select the ISP again.
6. If you can successfully to connect to the ISP, you will see below page. If you
want to configure more settings, please click “Advanced Settings” to get into
the web management of the router or click “Finish” to close the wizard.


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