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WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual
1) Utility Installation for WL-500gP
1. Click
Install ASUS Wireless Router
to run the setup installation
2. Click
to continue.
3. Click
to install the utility in the
designated location.
4. Select a program folder and click
Press Finish to quit the installation program.
6. Open the
EZSetup Wizard
6. Setting up using ASUS utility
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WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual
Wireless settings, including network name and network keys, are generated automatically.
You can modify these settings manually. Note if your wireless router is configured before,
Preserve original wireless router settings
to use the current value. Click
Click the
button in the utility.
2) EZSetup
Wireless LAN setup will complete in two easy steps. First open the EZSetup utility
form Start menu, then push the EZSetup button on the rear panel for 3 seconds.
If the setup button is pushed without running the EZsetup wizard utility, the PWR
indicator will flash and Internet connections will pause for a short period but will then
return to normal operation without change.
2) To use EZSetup, we recommend using an ASUS wireless adapter such as WL-106gM,
WL-100gE, and WL-169gE.
Use EZSetup Wizard with one
wireless client at a time. If the wireless
client computer cannot discover the
wireless router while in EZSetup
mode, please shorten the distance
between the client and the router.
3 sec. and release.
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WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual
If you need to configure the ISP settings for your wireless router, select
Configure ISP
, click
and follow the instructions to complete the settings.
Setup is complete, press
Print/Save Wireless
LAN Settings
button for future reference.
Click Finish to exit the EZSetup utility.
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WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual
7. Troubleshooting
Cannot access to web browser for router configuration
1. Open a web browser and open
"Internet Options" dialog box.
2. Click on "Delete Cookies" and "Delete
Cannot Establish Connection via Wireless
Out of Range:
• Put the router closer to the wireless client.
• Try to change the channel setting.
• Use wired connection to connect to router.
• Check the wireless security setting.
• Do the hard reset on the wireless router by pressing the Reset button on the rear panel
for more than 5 seconds.
Couldn't find the router:
• Do the hard reset on the wireless router by pressing the Reset button on the rear panal for
more than 5 seconds.
• Check the setting in the wireless adapter such as SSID and encryption setting.
Cannot get access to the Internet via wireless LAN adapter
• Move the router closer to the wireless client.
• Check whether the wireless adapter is connected to the correct AP.
• Check whether the wireless channel in use conforms to the channels available in your
country/ area.
• Check encryption setting.
• Check whether the ADSL or Cable connection is correct.
• Retry using another Ethernet cable.
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WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual
Internet is not accessible
• Check the lights on ADSL modem and the Wireless Router
Check whether the "WAN" LED on the Wireless Router is ON. If the LED is not ON,
change the cable and try again.
When ADSL Modem "Link" light is ON (not blinking), this means Internet
Access is Possible.
• Restart your computer.
• Refer to the Quick Setup Guide of the wireless router and reconfigure the settings.
• Check whether the WAN LED on the router is ON or not.
• Check wireless encryption settings.
• Check whether the computer can get the IP address or not (via both wired network and
wireless network).
• Make sure your Web browser is configured to use the local LAN, and is not configured to
use a proxy server.
If the ADSL "LINK" light blinks continuously or stays off, Internet access is
not possible - the Router is unable to establish a connection with the ADSL
• Make sure your cables are all correctly connected .
• Disconnect the power cord from the ADSL or Cable modem, wait a few minutes, then
reconnect the cord.
• If the ADSL light continues to blink or stays OFF, contact your ADSL service provider.
Network name or encryption keys are forgotten
Try to setup the wired connection for setup the wireless encryption again.
Do the hard reset on the wireless router by pressing the Reset button on the rear panel for
more than 5 seconds.
How to reset to defaults
The following are factory default values. If you push the Restore button on the back of the
ASUS Wireless Router for over 5 seconds, or click the “Restore” button on the “Factory Default”
page under “ Advanced Setup”, the following default settings overwrite the old settings on your
wireless router.
User Name:
Subnet Mask:
DNS Server 1:
Enable DHCP:
Yes (if plug in Wan cable)
DNS Server 2:
IP address:
Domain Name:


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