Conceptronic C300BRS4 Router Manual PDF (Setup & Configuration Guide)

Given below is full router user manual of Conceptronic C300BRS4 router model. You can also download this manual in PDF Format to read later on your computer.

Product user manuals come handy in case you want to know all functionalities of your device, troubleshooting, fist time configuration & setup and in many other situations.

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802.11n Wireless Broadband
User Manual
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Conceptronic C300BRS4
User Manual
About This Manual
This manual provides descriptions of the Conceptronic C300BRS4 802.11n Wireless Broadband
Router, its hardware and software features, and how to set up and use the device on your small
office or home network.
Before You Start
Please read and make sure you understand all the prerequisites for proper installation of your new
Wireless Broadband Router. Have all the necessary information and equipment on hand before
beginning the installation. A packing list is included at the end of this section.
Installation Overview
The procedure to install the Wireless Broadband Router can be described in general terms in the
following steps:
Gather information and equipment needed to install the device. Check the contents of the
package to be certain that everything listed on the packing list is included. A packing list is
included at the end of this section. The information you will need includes the account name
or number and the password used to gain access to your service provider’s network, and
ultimately to the Internet.
Install the hardware, that is, connect the Ethernet cables to the device to establish the
necessary network links to your computer and connect the power adapter to power on the
Wireless Broadband Router.
Check the IP settings on your computer and change them if necessary so the computer can
access the web-based software built into the Wireless Broadband Router. Without the correct
IP settings your computer will not be able to communicate with the device or access the
software used to configure the Wireless Broadband Router. Without compatible IP settings on
your computer, you will not be able to use a web browser to access the Internet.
Use the web-based management software to configure the device. Many users can install the
Wireless Broadband Router with the Setup Wizard. Some users may not need to change any of
the device settings that establish and maintain the network connection. Follow the
instructions of your service provider to find out what is required for your account.
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Conceptronic C300BRS4
User Manual
Requirements for Installation
To install and use the Wireless Broadband Router you need a computer equipped with an Ethernet
port (such as an Ethernet NIC) and a web browser
WLAN Ethernet Adapter
Any computer that uses the Wireless Broadband Router must be able to connect to it through the
Wireless Ethernet (WLAN) on the Wireless Broadband Router. This connection is a Wireless Ethernet
(WLAN or WiFi) connection and therefore requires that your computer be equipped with a Wireless
Ethernet Adapter as well. Many notebook computers are now sold with a Wireless Ethernet Adapter
already installed. There is also a Wired Ethernet port that is used to connect the WLAN adapter to
your wired network. This port can be used to configure the Wireless Broadband Router.
Most fully
assembled desktop computers come with an Ethernet NIC adapter as standard equipment. If your
computer does not have an Ethernet port, you must install an Ethernet NIC adapter before you can
configure the Wireless Broadband Router. If you must install an adapter, follow the installation
instructions that come with the Ethernet NIC adapter.
Operating System
The Wireless Broadband Router uses an HTML-based web interface for setup and management. The
web configuration manager may be accessed using any operating system capable of running web
browser software.
Web Browser
Any common web browser can be used to configure the Wireless Broadband Router using the web
configuration management software. The program is designed to work best with more recently
released browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® version 6.0, Netscape Navigator® version
6.2.3, or later versions. The web browser must have JavaScript enabled. JavaScript is enabled by
default on many browsers. Make sure JavaScript has not been disabled by other software (such as
virus protection or web user security packages) that may be running on your computer.
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Conceptronic C300BRS4
User Manual
Packing List
Open the shipping carton and carefully remove all items. Make sure that you have the items listed
Conceptronic C300BRS4 - 802.11n Wireless Broadband Router
Antenna for C300BRS4
CD-ROM containing this User’s Guide
Straight-through Ethernet cable
Power Adapter, 5V, 3A DC
Quick Installation Guide
Warranty Card
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Conceptronic C300BRS4
User Manual
Wireless LAN
A Wireless LAN is a cellular computer network that transmits data using radio signals instead of
cables. Wireless LAN technology is commonly used for home, small office and large corporate
networks. Wireless LAN devices have a high degree of mobility and flexibility that allow network to
be quickly set up or dismantled and allow them to roam freely throughout the network.
The IEEE 802.11n Wireless LAN standard is an improvement on the IEEE 802.11g standard. The
802.11n embedded Wireless LAN access point is fully compatible with legacy IEEE 802.11b and IEEE
802.11g devices.
Some basic understanding of wireless technology and terminology is useful when you are setting up
the Wireless Broadband Router or any wireless access point. If you are not familiar with wireless
networks please take a few minutes to learn the basics.
For home users who will not incorporate a RADIUS server in their network, the security for the
Conceptronic C300BRS4, used in conjunction with other WPA-compatible 802.11 products, will still
be much stronger than ever before. Utilizing the
Pre-Shared Key mode
of WPA, the Wireless
Broadband Router will obtain a new security key every time it connects to the 802.11 network. You
only need to input your encryption information once in the configuration menu. No longer will you
have to manually input a new WEP key frequently to ensure security. With the Wireless Broadband
Router, you will automatically receive a new key every time you connect, vastly increasing the
safety of your communication.
The Wireless Broadband Router is an ideal solution for quickly creating and extending a wireless
local area network (WLAN) in offices or other workplaces, trade shows and special events. The
802.11n standard is backwards compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g devices.
The Wireless Broadband Router has the newest, strongest, most advanced security features
available today. When used with other 802.11n WPA (WiFi Protected Access) compatible products in
a network with a RADIUS server, the security features include:
WPA: WiFi Protected Access
which authorizes and identifies users, based on a secret key that
change automatically at regular intervals.
Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
) to
change the temporal key every 10,000 packets (a packet is a kind of message transmitted over a
network.) This insures much greater security than the standard WEP security. (By contrast, the
previous WEP encryption implementation required the keys to be changed manually.)


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