Zyxel NBG-416N Router Manual PDF (Setup & Configuration Guide)

Given below is full router user manual of Zyxel NBG-416N router model. You can also download this manual in PDF Format to read later on your computer.

Product user manuals come handy in case you want to know all functionalities of your device, troubleshooting, fist time configuration & setup and in many other situations.

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Wireless N-lite Home Router
Copyright © 2011
ZyXEL Communications Corporation
Firmware Version 1.0
Edition 1, 1/2011
Default Login Details
IP Address
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About This User's Guide
NBG-416N User’s Guide
About This User's Guide
Intended Audience
This manual is intended for people who want to configure the NBG-416N using the
Web Configurator. You should have at least a basic knowledge of TCP/IP
networking concepts and topology.
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Related Documentation
Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide is designed to help you get your NBG-416N up and
running right away. It contains information on setting up your network and
configuring for Internet access.
Supporting Disc
The embedded Web Help contains descriptions of individual screens and
supplementary information.
Support Disc
Refer to the included CD for support documents.
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About This User's Guide
NBG-416N User’s Guide
Documentation Feedback
Send your comments, questions or suggestions to: [email protected]
Thank you!
The Technical Writing Team, ZyXEL Communications Corp.,
6 Innovation Road II, Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, 30099, Taiwan.
Need More Help?
More help is available at www.zyxel.com.
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About This User's Guide
NBG-416N User’s Guide
Customer Support
Should problems arise that cannot be solved by the methods listed above, you
should contact your vendor. If you cannot contact your vendor, then contact a
ZyXEL office for the region in which you bought the device.
See http://www.zyxel.com/web/contact_us.php for contact information. Please
have the following information ready when you contact an office.
Product model and serial number.
Warranty Information.
Date that you received your device.


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