MSI Router Admin Login Procedure

Updated: 22nd April 2021

To login into any model of msi (be it RG300N, RG54G3 or any other), you need router IP, username ID & router password. All this info and other, is already given in MSI router manuals but if you have lost your manual or you don't have time to go through it and need a quick fix then follow below.

To access the MSI router admin console of your device, just follow this article. You can find correct MSI login IP, Router Username & Password, below.

List of MSI Router Login IPs

There are 4 MSI Router Models. See below, to find all likely IPs against your particular model number!

Router Model Possible Login IP Address

MSI Router Username & Password

From the methods given above, if you have found the right IP, then put it into the browser to access admin panel. A screen will appear like below. It's asking for login credentials.

router login screen before

Method No. 1: Try these Username & Passwords

Time and again people from all around the world have off and on told us about login credentials which most likely work for them. With patience, try that applies to your MSI model.

Router Model Username Password
MSI RG300N admin admin
MSI RG54G2 admin admin
MSI RG54G3 admin admin
MSI RG54GS admin admin
MSI RG54GS2 admin admin
MSI RG54SE admin admin
MSI RG54SE II admin admin
MSI RG60G admin admin
MSI RG60SE unknown unknown

Method No. 2: If above credentials don't work, Try this!

Just look closely at your MSI router for sticker like this:

router sticker

These are default credentials for your device. Try them, it will work (if you didn't changed them in past)

Method No. 3: I tried everything but nothing is working!

An ultimate trick in this scenario is to reset your router. Just look for a small button like below (hidden inside). Press it with a needle or match-stick for 10 seconds and restart your device & go back to Method No. 2 (above). And you will be all set!

Setup Manuals for Each Model of MSI Routers

Luckily, we have compiled list of router setup and configuration manual/manuals for MSI routers. Currently, 4 manuals are displayed below.

RG300N View Manual
RG54G3 View Manual
RG54GS View Manual
RG54GS2 View Manual

Router Companies Similar to MSI

These companies are competitor of MSI & also provide great products.

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