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Wireless router
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Wireless router
Quick Start Guide
Chapter 1 Introduction
1.2 Operation Environment
1.3 System Requirements
Chapter 2 Hardware Installation
2.1 Led indicators
2.2 Back Panel Features
2.3 Typical install
Chapter 3 - Quick Install Guide
3.1 TCP/IP Settings
3.2 Getting Started
3.3 Setup Wizard
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Wireless router
Quick Start Guide
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Chapter 1 Introduction
Congratulations on your purchase of this outstanding Wireless Router. The
Wireless Router integrates 4-port switch, firewall, NAT-router and Wireless
Access Point. This product is specifically designed for Home networks and
Medium or Small Corporation needs. It will allow you to connect your network
wirelessly better than ever, sharing Internet Access, files and fun, easily and
securely. It is easy to configure and operate even for users without wide ex
perience with network devices. Instructions for installing and configuring this
product can be found the manual delivered with the product and also available
at website. Before you install and use this product, please
read this manual carefully to exploit all the functions of this product.
: Gateway / Bridge / WISP / Static IP / DHCP / PPPoE / PPTP / L2TP /
: RJ45 4port switch / DHCP Client, Server / Static DHCP / IP&MAC Bind
Compliant with draft IEEE 802.11n standard (MC-WR22- 2T2R / MC-
WR11 – 1T1R)
Up to
: 300Mbps (MC-WR22) / 150Mbps (MC-WR11) data transfer rates in IEEE
802.11n mode
Backward compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g
Supports both Infrastructure and Ad-Hoc Networking Modes
Work modes
: AP / Client / WDS / AP+WDS / Universal Repeater (AP+Client)
Supports WPS, WPA2 (802.11i), WPA, WPA2/WPA Mixed, 802.1x advanced
Supports 64/128-bit WEP Data Encryption
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Wireless router
Quality of Service (QoS) - WMM, WMM-PS
Auto wireless transmission channel select for optimal performance
Wireless access control (MAC address filter)
Advanced Wireless control:
Fragment Threshold / RTS Threshold / Beacon Interval
Preamble Type: Long / Short
IAPP - Roaming (802.11f)
Protection / Aggregation / Short GI / WLAN Partition
RF Output Power control
Multiple BSSID
Dynamic DNS: / TZO /
NAT/NAPT IP sharing / DMZ / Port Forwarding / Port Trigger / UPnP
Yes - IP (single or range) Grant MIN or MAX bandwidth
Firewall protection:
Ping Access on WAN / IGMP Proxy / Web Server Access on WAN / IPsec/
PPTP/L2TP VNP pass through /
Src MAC or IP Filter / URL Filter / Dst IP and Port Filter /
DoS Prevention:
Whole System Flood: SYN, FIN, UDP, ICMP
Per-Source IP Flood: SYN, FIN, UDP, ICMP
TCP/UDP Port Scan (High/Low Sensitivity)
ICMP Smurf, IP Land, IP Spoof, IP TearDrop, PingOfDeath, TCP Scan, TCP
SynWithData, UDP Bomb, UDP EchoChargen
Source IP Blocking (Block for a specified time)
System Management:
Access Schedule / NTP support / FW Upgrade / Save/Load Config / Reboot /
User name and password management
1.2 Operation Environment
Dimensions: 202 (L) x 120 (W) x 31 (H)mm
Unit Weight: 324g
Power Input: 9V DC, 1A
Consumption: 13.5W(Max)
Storage Temperature: -40ºC ~70ºC
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Wireless router
Operating Temperature : -10ºC ~50ºC
Storage Humidity: 5% ~95% RH Non-condensing
Operating Humidity: 10% ~90% RH Non-condensing
1.3 System Requirements
An Ethernet-Based Cable or DSL modem
10/100M Ethernet Card on PC
TCP/IP network protocol for each PC
RJ45 Twisted-pair cable
Internet browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Chrome
Chapter 2 Hardware Installation
2.1 Led indicators
SYS/Power (Red):
Flickering light indicates a proper connection to the power
While resetting the SYS LED will flash differently (shine for 2 seconds and stop
for 1 second).
WPS (Green):
The Led will flicker for about two minutes when WPS session
is active .
WLAN (Wireless LAN) (green):
The LED is flickering during wireless activity.
LAN 1,2,3,4 (green):
The Link/Act LED serves two purposes. If the LED is con-
tinuously illuminated, the Router is successfully connected to a device through
the corresponding port. If the LED is flickering, the Router is actively sending or
receiving data over that port.
WAN (Green):
The Link/Act LED serves two purposes. If the LED is continu-
ously illuminated, the Router is successfully connected to a device through the
corresponding port. If the LED is flickering, the Router is actively sending or
receiving data over that port.
2.2 Back Panel Features


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