Gennet-OxyGEN RFA1400.Wv2 Router Manual PDF (Setup & Configuration Guide)

Given below is full router user manual of Gennet-OxyGEN RFA1400.Wv2 router model. You can also download this manual in PDF Format to read later on your computer.

Product user manuals come handy in case you want to know all functionalities of your device, troubleshooting, fist time configuration & setup and in many other situations.

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OxyGEN miniOffice
ADSL2+ Broadband Access Device
Administrator’s Guide
May 2012
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Product and Publication Details
Product Family:
Broadband Access Terminals
Product Name:
Gennet OxyGEN
Product Type:
Publication Type:
Administrator’s Guide
Publication Version:
Publication Date:
May 2012
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Administrator’s Guide
About This Guide
This guide is designed to assist users in using the Gennet OxyGEN
Office. Information in this document
has been carefully checked for accuracy; however, Gennet s.a. assumes no responsibility or liability
for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this document. Information as well as drawings and
specifications contained in this document are subject to change without prior notice.
Further to the above, some screens, icons, messages, and colors of the information shown in your device
may be different from the information presented in this manual due to customization decided by your
ISP. The same applies to the device default settings, default passwords and the existence or absence
of certain menus, sub-menus or options, which again have been decided in accordance with your ISP
policies. This manual should be used in conjunction with the Quick Installation Guide supplied as a printed
leaflet in the packaging of your device.
In the Quick Installation Guide there is specific information
regarding unique functionalities of your ISP and the offered service (e.g. a service activation procedure).
Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact For latest product
info and features, visit our website at
Declaration of Conformity
Hereby, Gennet s.a. declares that this OxyGEN
Office device is in compliance with the essential
requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
Safety Rules
The most careful attention has been devoted to quality standards in the manufacture of the OxyGEN
Office. Safety is a major factor in the design of every set. But, safety is your responsibility too. For
your safety, be sure to read and follow all the safety rules:
Do NOT disassemble the device or the power adapter. Opening or removing covers can expose
you to hazardous voltage points or other risks. ONLY qualified service personnel can service the
devices. Please contact the vendor for further information.
Use ONLY the designated power adapter for your device. Connect the power adapter to the
appropriate supply voltage, that is, 220V/50Hz AC for Europe.
Do NOT use the device if the power adapter is damaged, as it might cause electrocution. If the
power adapter is damaged, remove it carefully from the power outlet and contact the vendor to
order a new one.
Gennet s.a.
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Administrator’s Guide
Place connecting cables carefully so that no one will step on them or stumble over them. Do NOT
allow anything to rest on the power cable and do NOT place the product where someone can
step on the power cable.
Do NOT install or use your device during a thunderstorm. There may be a remote risk of electric
shock from lightning.
Do NOT expose this device to dampness, dust or corrosive liquids. If liquid is spilled, please refer to
the proper service personnel.
Do NOT use this product near water, for example, in a wet basement or near a swimming pool.
Do NOT obstruct the device ventilation slots, as insufficient airflow may harm your device.
Do NOT push objects of any kind into the device through ventilation slots.
Doing so may be
dangerous and may result in fire or electric shock.
Connect ONLY appropriate accessories to the device.
Make sure to connect the cables to the correct ports, that the connector matches the port and
that you have positioned the connector correctly in relation to the port. Do NOT force a connector
into a port. If the connector and port don’t join with reasonable ease, they probably don’t match.
When removing the connector from the port remove it by pulling on the connector, not the cable.
Some types of connectors have a release clip that releases the connection. Failure to release this
clip or abruptly pulling on the cord could cause damage to the connector or the device.
Copyright Declarations
Gennet s.a., 2012. All rights reserved.
This document contains information that is protected by copyright. It is made available to the end users
only for their internal use. No part of this document nor any data herein may be published, disclosed,
copied, reproduced, redistributed by any form or means, electronically or mechanically, or used for any
other purpose whatsoever without the prior written approval of Gennet s.a.
All copyright, intellectual and industrial rights in this document and in the technical knowledge it contains
are owned by Gennet s.a. and/or their respective owners. Any rights not expressly granted herein are
This product includes copyrighted third-party software licensed under the terms of the GNU General
Public License (GPL) or the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Please see the GNU GPL and
LGPL for the exact terms and conditions of these licenses. Source code is available upon request (at
cost) and may also be available at the Gennet’s website:
for at
Gennet s.a.
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Administrator’s Guide
least three years from the purchase date of this product. Note that we do not offer ANY support for the
distribution and the source code is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and is subject to the copyrights
of one or more authors.
This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit.
Artwork was made by or based on artwork by Bosky Cinek (
) and Tango
Desktop Project (
) and placed under the Creative Commons attribution
share-alike License.
All product and corporate names appearing in this document may or not be registered trademarks or
copyrights of their respective companies, and are used only for identification or explanation and to the
owners’ benefit, without intent to infringe.
Firefox is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundation.
Internet Explorer is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Safari is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Google Chrome is a trademark of Google Inc.
Gennet s.a.


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