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Advanced settings
System->Dynamic DNS:
In most cases, the operator which provides
the internet service towards your UMR is handing out a constantly-
shifting (dynamic) IP address. The Dynamic DNS feature allows you
to contact your UMR via an easily accessible hostname, such as ”umr.”.
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Advanced settings
For Internet Connections, WAN Port Settings and Connection Tracker
and make your settings.
Internet Connections
The UMR can also be used with a regular fixed broadband connection
from an ADSL- or Cable-modem. To select your primary broadband
connection, push
and then select
Internet Connection
. Make
your selection and then push
Save Settings
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Advanced settings
WAN Port Settings
The default setting is that your operator automatically will give you an
IP address, should your operator have given you a static (specific) IP
address than select
Manual settings
and fill in the given information in
the relevant fields.
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Advanced settings
Connection Tracker
In order to ensure maximum internet availability you can use the
Connection Tracker feature. When inserting a minimum of 2 IP
addresses, these addresses will be ”pinged” with an interval that you
specify in minutes in the
After entering the selected IP addresses, you can test the ping function
to these addresses by pushing the
Test now
button directly below the IP
address fields. The result will be shown to the right of each IP address
WARNING: Please note that if you are paying for bandwidth usage,
activating this function will add data consumption to your monthly bill.
An approximate figure for the additional monthly data consumption
will be indicated directly to the right of the Interval field. Raising the
interval value will lower the monthly consumption.
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Advanced settings
Should your internet connection drop, you have 3 options on how the
UMR should react:
Redial only (in WAN Ethernet mode: Reinitialize interface).
value that attempts to reestablish the broadband connection.
Redial and Restart (UMR restarts itself after 3 failed redial attempts).
Using this option, your local area/wireless network will be unreachable
for a short while during the restart of the UMR.
Auto fail-over to secondary interface. (WAN-to-USB or USB-to-WAN).
UMR is connected to both a USB modem and a fixed broadband
connection. Both of these interfaces must be properly configured in
the event of a fail-over between each other. You can check which
interface is your primary connection on the


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