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Given below is full router user manual of Dell TrueMobile-1184 router model. You can also download this manual in PDF Format to read later on your computer.

Product user manuals come handy in case you want to know all functionalities of your device, troubleshooting, fist time configuration & setup and in many other situations.

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Dell™TrueMobile™2300 Wireless Broadband Router
User's Guide
Managing Your Router
Configuration Steps for Common Scenarios
Technical Specifications and Regulatory Information
Online Customer Support
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Introduction: Dell™ TrueMobile™ 2300 Wireless Broadband
Router User's Guide
Wireless Networking Overview
A Look at the Hardware
The Dell TrueMobile 2300 Wireless Broadband Router is an 802.11b/g wireless access point with a built-in Internet router.
Connecting to an xDSL or cable modem, the Broadband Router can offer both wired and wireless computers simultaneous
access to the Internet. The Wireless Broadband Router can be configured as:
Internet router:
Connects to a Cable or xDSL modem providing Internet connectivity to both wired and wireless
computers. The firewall features included in the router control Internet access and protect your network.
Wireless hub (access point):
Connects wireless computers for file and print sharing.
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4-port Ethernet switch:
Connects four wired computers for file and print sharing.
Ethernet bridge:
Enables file and print sharing between wired and wireless computers. In addition, connects to an
Ethernet hub, extending Internet connectivity and sharing to more wired computers.
The Wireless Broadband Router supports up to 252 clients. Up to 16 of the 252 clients can be wireless. The
Network Address
(NAT) feature allows 64 clients to simultaneously communicate out to the Internet. It runs at speeds up to 54
Megabits per second
(Mbps), and the LAN (wired) port runs at 10/100 Mbps. The maximum distance between the Broadband
Router and each computer is 300 feet. This distance may be less depending on your environment.
NOTE: Using the default settings, the Wireless Broadband Router can provide an IP address to 99 wired and wireless
computers. The IP address uniquely identifies each computer on the network. Connections above 20 users may cause
slower throughput as network traffic increases.
By default, you can use the Broadband Router as:
a wireless access point using "wireless" as the wireless network name.
a DHCP server that provides IP addresses to wireless and wired clients.
a bridge to an Ethernet hub.
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Managing Your Router:
Dell™ TrueMobile™ 2300 Wireless Broadband Router User's
Setup Wizard
Control Utility
Web-based Configuration Tool
Your TrueMobile 2300 Wireless Broadband Router came with factory default settings that should work for the majority of the
network usage scenarios. However, there are cases where your network environment may require a different router
Setup Wizard
Setup Wizard is a Windows-based software program included on your TrueMobile 2300 CD. You can use
this program to 1) install the router on your network and create an environment for multiple PCs to share Internet access, 2)
add additional computers to the network, and 3) provide links to the User's Guide and the
Dell support website
Control Utility
Control Utility is another Windows-based software program included on your TrueMobile 2300 CD. This utility
is usually installed at the end of the router installation. It provides you useful configuration tool to manage your Wireless
Broadband Router. Please refer to the section
Control Utility
for detailed information.
Web-based Configuration Tool
Web-Based Configuration Tool is for advanced configuration of the Wireless Broadband
Router. It is a tool provided inside the router which can be accessed via the web browser on your PC. This tool includes every
basic and advanced configuration option for the Wireless Broadband Router. For instance, you can allow other Internet users
to access a Web server hosted on your local private network, or disable your wireless network.
Setup Wizard
Control Utility
must be run on Windows 2000, and XP computers. Microsoft
Internet Explorer (4.0 or higher) or Netscape (4.0 or higher) must be used for the
web-based configuration
Factory Default
Dell pre-configures the Wireless Broadband Router with the following settings:
NOTE: If you lose track of the device settings, you can reset the router by pushing the reset button to
restore these settings back to your router.
User Name
Device Name
my router
IP Address


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