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LW150 Sweex Wireless 150N router
Please notice! On the included CD-ROM you will find the Setup Wizard. This easy install
procedure will show you how to setup the router step-by-step.
Do not expose the Sweex Wireless Broadband Router 150 Mbps to extreme temperatures. Do not place the device in
direct sunlight or in the direct vicinity of heating elements.
Do not use the Sweex Wireless Broadband Router 150 Mbps in extremely moist or dusty surroundings.
Protect the device against powerful shocks and falls – they may damage the internal electronics.
Never attempt to open the device yourself, there are no serviceable parts inside. Opening the device will cause the
warranty to lapse.
Package contents
In this package you will find:
Wireless Broadband Router 150 Mbps
UTP network cable RJ-45
CD with setup wizard and this manual
If you find that any of the package contents are missing, please return the package to the sales point where it was bought.
Terminology list
This manual will contain a number of technical terms. It is important to know what they mean
before you begin installing and configuring the router.
This is the product you have just bought. A router acts as a boundary between two
networks, WAN and LAN.
UTP network cable RJ-45:
From here on: network cable. A network cable is used for connecting
network devices such as computers, modems and routers. You may
already have such a cable, the cable in the package contents is intended
to connect the router to your modem.
Internet Service Provider, this is the company that supplies you your Internet connection.
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Broadband modem:
From here on: modem. Your modem is the device you already have or that has been
supplied to you by your ISP that currently provides your internet connection. The two
most common modem types are cable modems and ADSL modems, but other kinds
of modems also exist.
LAN stands for “Local Area Network”, in the case of this router, the LAN consists of
the four yellow ports and the wireless network. With the router, all your computers
will form a single LAN.
WAN stands for “Wide Area Network”, in most cases this means the Internet.
Wireless security:
By default, the router’s wireless network is not secured. This means that anyone in
range (including your neighbours) can connect to the network and use your internet
connection. Wireless security protects your network so that only authorised devices
can gain access. Sweex recommends all users to secure their wireless network after
installation using either the WPA or WPS methods explained further on in this manual.
Product description
1. Power LED:
This light indicates that the router receives power.
A constantly blinking SYS light indicates correct functioning of the router.
When this light blinks, it is possible to connect to the router with a WPS enabled
device. For more information, see the “Securing your wireless network” chapter.
This light indicates that the wireless network is active. A flickering light indicates
wireless activity.
5. LAN Port 4 - 1 LED:
This light indicates an active connection on the corresponding LAN port. A flickering
light indicates network activity.
6. WAN Port LED:
This light indicates an active connection on the WAN port. A flickering light indicates
WAN activity.
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1. AC power input:
Connect the supplied power adapter to this input. If the adapter is lost it can be
replaced by a similar model with 9 V AC output and 1 A current rating
2. WAN port:
Connect the UTP network cable coming from your ISP modem to this port. Upon a
successful WAN connection, the WAN light at the front of the router will light up. This
is a prerequisite for internet access.
3. LAN port 1 - 4:
You can connect an UTP network cable coming from a computer to this port. When
the computer is turned on the corresponding light at the front of the router will light
4. Reset button:
You need an unfolded paperclip to press the reset button. For more information on
the reset procedure refer to the troubleshooting section of this manual.
5. WPS button:
This button activates WPS wireless security. For more information on WPS, see the
“Securing your wireless network” chapter
Installing the router
There are three ways of installing the router:
The Setup Wizard program included on the CD
The Simple setup described in this manual
The Advanced setup also described in this manual.
The wizard and simple setup assume default settings and will work for most users. If you are an advanced user or if you
know which setup method your ISP requires, you may proceed to the advanced setup immediately.
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Simple setup
Simple setup is done in 7 steps:
1. Disconnect the power to your modem. If one or more computers were connected to your modem using a network
cable, disconnect them.
±. Use the included network cable to connect your modem to the blue WAN port of the router. Do not connect any
computers yet!
². Connect the power to your modem and wait until it’s lights indicate normal operation
4. Connect the power to the router, and wait 1 minute to give the router time to start up and configure itself. This is
5. If you have any computers or other devices that were already connected by UTP network cable, you can now connect
these cables to the yellow LAN ports of the router
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³. Wait another minute. Your router is now installed! Wired computers now have internet access, for wireless computers
one additional step is required, follow the instructions below for the Windows version you have.
Connecting to a wireless network
Windows XP:
Right click on your wireless adapter’s icon at the bottom right of your screen and click “View
Available Wireless Networks”:
A window titled “Choose a wireless network” will appear. In this window, select the “Sweex LW150” entry, click the
“Connect” button and follow the instructions on screen:


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