SMC 7008ABR Router Manual PDF (Setup & Configuration Guide)

Given below is full router user manual of SMC 7008ABR router model. You can also download this manual in PDF Format to read later on your computer.

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SMC7008ABR Barricade Broadband Router
Installation Instructions
SPECIAL NOTE: Part F – Adjusting MTU Value. This procedure MUST be followed
in order to prevent chronic disconnections of the VPN tunnel!
Part A
– General Setup
1. Open your Web browser and enter the following in the “Address” field:
2. The Barricade login screen will appear. Leave the password field empty and click on
3. On the main page of the Barricade Web console, click “Setup”.
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4. The Barricade’s automated setup process will take you through each step for setting up
your Barricade. Click “Enter” to start the process.
5. In the “Change Password” screen type lower-case “galileo” in the “New Password”
field. Confirm this entry by entering the lower-case “galileo” again in the “Re-enter
Password for Verification” field.
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6. Click “Enter” to complete this step.
7. Select your time zone from the list and click “Enter”.
8. The LAN screen is where you configure the Local Area Network settings of your
Barricade. Unless you have an existing network with Domain information there is no
reason to change these settings. Click “Enter” to complete this step.
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9. At this point the LAN side of your Barricade is configured. The next step is to
configure it for the Internet connection with the information provided by your ISP.
10. This screen needs to be configured in order to “RESERVE” an IP address for the
Focalpoint Print Manager.
Note: To complete this section we will need to obtain the MAC address or Physical
Address of the network interface card on the FPM machine. How this is
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accomplished will depend of the Operating System that is running on the FPM
If the OS is Windows NT4, Windows 2000 or windows XP:
START->RUN->CMD to start a DOS window.
Type IPCONFIG /ALL at the DOS prompt.
If the OS is Windows 9.x including ME:
C. Write down the Physical Address to be used in the next step.
D. You will need to select a specific address from the group of addresses
previously defined in Step 8 above and enter it here. This address needs to be


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