Plusnet Plusnet Hub One Router Manual PDF (Setup & Configuration Guide)

Given below is full router user manual of Plusnet Plusnet Hub One router model. You can also download this manual in PDF Format to read later on your computer.

Product user manuals come handy in case you want to know all functionalities of your device, troubleshooting, fist time configuration & setup and in many other situations.

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Your Plusnet
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Getting your broadband up and running should be pretty straightforward.
Just so you know exactly what to expect, it’s well worth reading this
handbook. We’ve based it on the experiences of other new Plusnet
customers. So, we hope it’ll give you lots of useful information, as well as
showing you where to look if you’d like to find out more.
Of course, our UK based, award-winning customer Support Team is
always here to help if you need us.
Happy browsing!
Lisa Hardie
Head of Customer Service
Hi, welcome to Plusnet
Before you’re up and running...
Your activation date, your router and how to log in to your online account.
Your broadband speed
Your speed, what can affect it and going faster with Plusnet Fibre.
Keeping track of your broadband usage
How to check your usage and what happens if you go over your allowance.
Using your Plusnet email
Get a Plusnet email address and find out how to use it.
Plusnet Home Phone
How to switch your phone to Plusnet and which calls are included if you do.
Understanding your bill
How and when we’ll take your bills and how to check them.
Where to find help
Find the help you need in Help & Support on our website.
How to get in touch
What to do if you’re having problems and how to contact our Support Team.
Plusnet Protect and Plusnet SafeGuard
Stop computer viruses and fix connection problems with our helpful software.
Refer your friends and Our community
Earn money by referring your friends to Plusnet.
Advanced router details
Wi-Fi details for your Plusnet router and setup details for other routers.
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If you’re not using a Plusnet router...
You’ll need the connection settings shown on
page 13
to get set up.
Want to use a router from another broadband provider? Be aware that most
providers lock routers to their network so you may not be able to use it.
If you need a Plusnet router, contact our Support Team and we’ll arrange to
send you one, subject to the same terms offered to new customers.
Your activation date
How long it takes to activate your services depends on what you’ve ordered and
what services you already have:
Switching from another provider:
will take a minimum of 10 full working days
If you need an engineer to install the service:
we’ll arrange the appointment to
install the service on the earliest available date
We’ll email you (and text you if we have your number) with your activation date once
your order is placed. If you need an engineer to install the service, your appointment
date will be your activation date for all services.
If we need to speak to you about your order, we’ll contact you through the details
stored on your account.
To check or change your contact details, log in (see below for help) to
and follow the on-screen instructions.
Logging in to your online account
You’ll need your
Account Username and Password
to log in. You chose these when
you signed up.
If you need a reminder of your
Account Username
, you’ll find it in the emails we sent
after you signed up.
And if you need a
reminder, go to
follow the on-screen instructions.
Setting up your Plusnet router
If you’ve ordered a Plusnet router, it should arrive a day or two before your
broadband activation date.
Please wait until we’ve confirmed that your broadband is ready to use before setting
up your router.
Our routers come with everything you need to get started. Just follow the simple
step-by-step booklet included with your router.
Before you’re up and running...
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Your speed estimate
Your speed should be close to the estimate we gave when you signed up. If you
want to check this, it’ll be in your
Welcome to Plusnet
We’ll also send a reminder two weeks after your service is activated, comparing your
estimate to the actual speed you’re getting.
During your first 10 days
We’ll check your service to find out the fastest stable speed that your line can
As we do this, your speed will go up and down and you may occasionally lose your
connection. Don’t worry, it’ll come back straightaway.
After 10 days, your line will settle down and your speed should become more
consistent. Small changes in speed are normal and nothing to worry about.
If your speed isn’t what you were expecting
There are a number of things that can affect your speed. These include:
The quality and length of your line from the exchange to your home
Bad weather and electrical interference
Problems with your phone line
Where you put your router
How often you switch your equipment off
You can avoid most problems by following the speed tips on our website. See the
link on the right to find out more.
Your broadband speed
Find out more about broadband speed
For more about broadband speeds and tips to help you get the best out of
your broadband, see
Plusnet Fibre
Traditionally, broadband speed has been limited
by the telephone network it’s supplied on. The
longer the line (between the exchange and your
home), the slower your broadband will be.
That’s because the telephone network was
originally designed to carry phone calls, rather
than broadband data.
With Plusnet Fibre, new fibre optic cables designed to carry huge amounts of data
supply the broadband signal, so distance from the exchange is no longer a problem.
What this means for you
With fibre optic technology we can offer super-fast speeds, far higher than standard
And it’s not just about speed - Plusnet Fibre means you can do so much more online.
Whether it’s gaming, streaming video or downloading music, Plusnet Fibre means
your whole household can go online at the same time, without slowing each other
down or having to wait for someone else to finish what they’re doing.
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Keeping track of your broadband usage
Checking your usage is easy. Just log in to
and you’ll see the following information:
Your broadband product
Your billing period (the time your usage
allowance applies to)
Your usage allowance and when it
applies (usage doesn’t count towards
your allowance between midnight and
How much of your allowance you’ve used (so
far) during your current billing period.
This graph shows your usage in your current
billing period.
The pink bar shows how much of your
allowance you’ve used in your current billing
period. The blue bar shows how much of your
usage is free usage (between midnight and
Below that you’ll see your usage for each day
of the current week.
Usage this month:
a daily breakdown of
usage in your current billing period
Usage history:
your total usage for each
of the last 3 billing periods
Usage breakdown:
see how you’ve used
your broadband in the current billing
If you go over your allowance...
An extra 5GB will be added to your allowance for the month. This costs £5 (which
will be added to your next bill). You can control how much extra usage is added, by
logging in to
and following the on-screen instructions.
Don’t forget that usage between midnight and 8am is completely free and doesn’t
count towards your allowance. This is a good time to make larger downloads.
What counts towards your usage allowance?
Any use of your broadband connection (downloads and uploads) between 8am and
midnight counts towards your usage allowance.
That includes streaming services and sites (e.g. BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Spotify), online
gaming (e.g. XBOX Live, PSN, Steam), as well as the more traditional ways of using
broadband (e.g. web browsing, email, etc).


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