NETGEAR FM114P Router Manual PDF (Setup & Configuration Guide)

Given below is full router user manual of NETGEAR FM114P router model. You can also download this manual in PDF Format to read later on your computer.

Product user manuals come handy in case you want to know all functionalities of your device, troubleshooting, fist time configuration & setup and in many other situations.

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Installation Guide
Cable/DSL ProSafe Wireless Firewall
with Print Server
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Thank you for purchasing a NETGEAR FM114P Cable/DSL ProSafe Wireless Firewall with
Print Server. A firewall is a special type of router that incorporates features for network security.
With this firewall you can have secure Internet access through a high-speed DSL or cable modem
and share the single modem with several computers. The FM114P also incorporates a built-in
print server.
This installation guide shows you how to connect the firewall and configure it and your
computers for secure Internet access. Setup is easy—follow the instructions in this guide and
your system will be up and running quickly.
If you have problems, there is a troubleshooting section on page 13 to help you—or you can
get more detailed troubleshooting information from the Reference Manual on the CD, online
from or by phone.
Installation Overview
Estimated time: 15 to 30 minutes
Gather the configuration information you have for your working DSL or cable modem
connection to the Internet.
Install the firewall between the DSL or cable modem and one computer.
Configure that computer to work with the firewall and restart the computer and modem.
Configure the firewall and go online to test the connection.
Connect other computers, configure them and restart each. (optional)
Configure for using the print server. (optional)
On the FM114P Resource CD, you’ll find the FM114P Installation Assistant, which supplements
the instructions in this installation guide by animating the step-by-step procedures given here.
For more detailed information about installation, troubleshooting and configuration
procedures, see the Reference Manual on the CD.
Model FM114P ProSafe Wireless Firewall/Print Server
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What’s in the Box
When you open the box, verify that you received everything.
The package includes:
FM114P Cable/DSL ProSafe Firewall with Print Server
AC power adapter
Ethernet patch cable
FM114P Resource CD, including a full Reference Manual and Installation Assistant.
FM114P Installation Guide (this document)
Warranty and registration card
Support information card
If you don’t have everything listed above, see the support information card for contact
information. If the support information card is missing, you can get contact information at in the Customer Service area.
FM114P Resource CD,
installation guide, support
information card &
warranty/registration card
Power adapter
Category 5
100 Mbps
Ethernet cable
Model FM114P ProSafe Wireless Firewall/Print Server
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Gather Configuration Information for
Your Working Connection to the Internet
Before installing the FM114P firewall, you
should have an external DSL or cable
modem with an Ethernet port set up and
working with one computer. You’ll be
installing the firewall between the modem
and the computer.
For each computer that you want to con-
nect to the firewall, you must have
An available RJ-45 Ethernet port (or
adapter) — either built-in or from a
network interface card (NIC) installed
in the computer
an 802.11b-compliant wireless adapter.
TCP/IP installed.
If your computer is a Windows
computer, it must have the Client for Microsoft
Networks software installed.
Note: Please see the Reference Manual on the CD if you need help installing
TCP/IP software or the Client for Microsoft Networks software on any Windows
computer that hasn’t been networked previously.
A Category 5 (Cat 5) Ethernet patch cable
Note: There is one cable in the box with the firewall.
DSL modem
Note: If you have a cable
modem, you will have a cable
connection between the
modem and your cable outlet.
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Connection information
Later in the setup process you’ll need to configure the firewall to work with your network. A
Setup Wizard is available to help you through this procedure. You can configure the firewall
yourself using information that you can get from your computer or your ISP about your
current Internet connection.
The next page includes blanks for you to fill in and refer to later. To get the needed
information from your computer:
(Windows 98/Me) Open the Network control panel, select the TCP/IP entry, and
click Properties.
(Windows 2000/XP) Open Local Area Network Connection and click Properties.
) Open the TCP/IP (or Network) control panel.
Your ISP should have provided you with a summary sheet of all the information needed to connect
your computer to the Internet. If you cannot locate the information, you’ll have to contact your ISP.
An ISP Guide is included with your firewall’s documentation, either as a printed card or on the
Resource CD.
The ISP Guide contains specific configuration guidelines for connecting to
many popular ISPs.


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